Monday, March 24, 2014


--Liz has slept through the night several times, and the nights she hasn't, we're only making one or two trips down the hall.

--Our meal times are a bit more relaxed now that Liz is less demanding about food.  She is willing to wait after we put her in her seat for at least a few minutes, giving us time to all sit down and eat together.  She also does not get upset when we sign "All done" to her.

--Books are much more fun now that we can read them instead of using them as a wrestling tool.  :)  Liz is happy to sit on our laps and read short board books, as long as she can turn the pages.  Our absolute favorites are the DK Baby Chunky Board Books:

And here are a few pictures of our weekend.  Grandma left on Friday morning, but thankfully David had his long weekend.  Overall, we are doing pretty well!

Reading together

Playing with balloons from the Chia family

Katie feeding Liz some fruit

Katie preparing plates for her special "tasting restaurant" with Grandma

Playing outside while we prune peach blossoms

Cooking together in the kitchen!

Dedication at church


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