Thursday, February 13, 2014


That would be one of many thoughts going through my head right now, because we have our official TA from China!  We have requested consulate appointments on March 10, 11, 17, or 18, which puts us potentially leaving for China in two weeks.  The US Consulate gets back to us tomorrow with the appointment, so we can't buy our tickets till then.  But, you know, tomorrow is only a day away!!  I'll post an itinerary here once we have it all figured out.

Some quick prayer requests as we move forward...

1.  Luke and Katie, as the next month will be crazy!  They are so excited to spend a few weeks with my parents, but it will definitely be a transition for them as we all come back to the new normal.

2.  Planning our travel, that everything would work out smoothly (and cheaply!).

3.  That I would be able to sleep with all the lists running through my head.

4.  That God will continue to prepare Elizabeth for this huge transition.

5.  Most of all, praise for bringing us this far!

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