Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Getting Ready

Last night I kept dreaming that I was trying to decide between two hostels in Hong Kong so I could book one for our travel.  The comparison screen from the website kept popping up, and then I'd wake up and go back to sleep, only to dream about it again.

Have I booked our hostel?  No, because after speaking with a few people, I was reminded that I'm not a 20-something backpacking across Europe any more.  :)  So I'm considering some more...ahem...30's-friendly rooms.  I will not be going to bed before booking them, though...I don't want to dream about it again!

I saw the term 'paper pregnant' on our facebook group, and the truth is, there are a definitely some similarities (having done both now).  You have trouble sleeping, you stress about the details, you have bags to pack (although on very different levels!), you're emotional about the slightest things (songs are really hitting me these days).

I vacillate between feeling overwhelmed by all the things to do and wondering what to do next.  At this point in the process, it's challenging to be excited about seeing Elizabeth instead of bogged down in all the details, but we're getting there.

I was reminded today in our bible study that no matter my attempts to think or feel or direct my thoughts in a certain way, my sin nature is weak.  Instead of relying on my own strength of will, I need to rely on God to see me through the next three weeks.  He will give me the ability to see through all these pesky details to the joy and wonder what our new normal will be!

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