Thursday, July 11, 2013

Knit Us Together

Well, it's finally live:

Thanks again to Sharilyn for the awesome name.  :)  I also have a Facebook page, although it looks a bit bare at the moment.  One of the top ten pieces of advice on opening an etsy shop is to actually open it, so you might see some changes in the next few weeks as I fine tune the text and pictures.  I'm also absolutely open to any suggestions on how to make the shop look nicer, sound more enticing, etc.  Maybe in a few days, you could tell everyone you know about it too.  :)

I run out to check the mail every day, but nothing has arrived from Homeland Security.  We are waiting for confirmation paperwork on our fingerprints.  Once we get that and send it to our agency, I think they can submit all our paperwork to China!

And an update on the plague house...David is on day 4 of his bout with hand, foot, and mouth, and Luke is on day 6.  Katie and I are still blister-free, and I hope it stays that way.  The blisters don't seem to bother Luke, but poor David has them all over the bottom of his feet.  He's been quarantined from work until Monday, so at least we've been able to enjoy having him home.

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