Thursday, July 25, 2013

Waiting in Faithfulness

There comes a time, every summer, when I look at our peach tree and think, "they are so little! when will they get big? will they be big enough when they are ripe?"  We had one year, early on, when we had tons (and I mean thousands) of tiny peaches that weren't so great.  That was before we learned about pruning the blossoms and what truly ripe really meant.  Now we know that pruning the blossoms ruthlessly allows the remaining peaches to soak up all that energy and get really big and delicious.  And we know that there will be time enough to pick the peaches that aren't quite at the perfectly ripe stage. 
But still, I wonder.  It's not like the peach tree has promised it'll come through every year.  And even this year, it looks like we lost about 1/3 of the peaches (after the pruning) to something.  But today I saw the rosy color had appeared on some peaches, and I walked over to the tree and just like always, they seemed so much bigger than the last time I checked.  We even found one that was soft and warm, ready enough to eat!  I don't think we'll put up as many peaches as last year (55 pint jars, not to mention everything that went in the freezer), but I think we will have a delicious crop to deal with in the next few weeks.  And I'm sure there will come a time, as it does every summer, when I look at the 100+ peaches on the counter and think, "What in the world?!"

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