Tuesday, July 23, 2013

VBS and Adopting

This week is VBS at our church.  There was a time many years ago when I designed a week-long VBS program for a missions trip.  Let's just say, this one is a little more impressive.  :)  The overall theme, the crafts, the stories, the everything that comes with a packaged curriculum is pretty cool.  And we have some people at our church who did an amazing job on the decorations.  I'm doing the story time for four classes (with another person, thankfully), and even though I didn't teach yesterday, I was a bit tired from being on my feet all morning. 
Before everything got started, though, I ran into a friend who was dropping of two of her kids.  The third was too young for the program, and she was kidding about not knowing what to do with one child anymore.  And when she did have one child (as opposed to her three now), it was WAY harder.  You may remember the first time you ever packed a diaper bag--it probably weighed more than your newborn.  You had 6 outfits in case your child had 6 blowouts, along with twice as many diapers.  If you were super prepared, you even had a change of clothes for yourself.  ;)  Now, with the third, you put diapers and wipes in the car because occasionally, you forget the whole bag.  With the second on it's way, you wondered how you'll ever get in and out of the car with two kids (mine are 20 months apart, so the thought did cross my mind).  Lo and behold, I did manage to run errands. 
We parted ways and went about our business, but a similar thought crossed my mind when I was preparing dinner (from the freezer, because I was beat).  I wondered how, if I was so tired now, I would deal with a third child.  The answer is, like that first child, I would never attempt to do VBS while acclimating an adopted third child into our home.  In many ways, I'm anticipating our daughter like a first child.  I'm already thinking about all the freezer meals I'll put up, and how I'll have to fit in all my shopping in the evenings and on weekends--there will be no 'we' for shopping expeditions.  I'm trying to figure out how to survive a whole day at home with no outings (no outings = more opportunities to make messes at home).  I'm so glad our backyard is just about done, because I figure we'll be outside more often.  While all this may be overkill when the time comes, I find it's better to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.  :)


  1. Thanks for the kind comments on the decorations, I know Kristy worked hard on them!

  2. The stage is my favorite, but everything looks great. :)