Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Post-Vacation Crash

We had a wonderful visit with David's family last week.  By Wednesday, we were 22 people in the house, with 11 kids ranging from 1 to 9 years old.  I told David's mom at one point that not many families could survive that, much less enjoy it.  It was certainly crazy at times (especially with all the rain), but we did have a great time.  I also enjoyed the cool weather and rain quite a bit, although it made it a bit hard with the kids (since they couldn't play outside).  Actually, I take that back--one day the older cousins played outside in the rain.  :)  Everyone rallied and came up with ways to keep the kids occupied inside, and we had a few excursions too.  Katie is old enough now to enjoy seeing her cousins, and she's lucky to have a girl cousin that's right around her age.  It's too bad we live practically across the country from them. 
The only downside to these visits is that we often end up sharing some sort of illness.  With 22 people, it's not surprising.  Luke came down with a fever on Thursday, and while I thought it was teething, it turned out to be hand, foot, and mouth.  He's been handling it really well, thankfully, but it sounds like he passed it on to his cousins.  Sorry!
Unfortunately, David also came down with a sore throat and fever on Sunday evening.  We got back Saturday night, so I hope it's just confined to our family.  It looks like he has some sort of tonsillitis in his throat--my sister (the doctor) checked him out and was so interested in the white nodules in his throat, she took a picture for reference.  :)  To top it off, David woke up with spots on his hands this morning, so he may also have hand, foot, and mouth.  Let's just say, it's a good thing I'm not sick, but I'm beginning to feel a little besieged.  Katie has been illness-free too, so I'm praying we both stay that way.

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