Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another Update (and more pictures)

We have pretty much finished everything for our homestudy.  Our last interview was on Saturday, and it was pretty similar to the first one.  We briefly touched on discipline (much more briefly than I had prepared for!), and she wanted to know about Katie and Luke's personality.  Besides that, we just went through some bits of information here and there that she still needed to complete the report.  All I really need to do now is email her all our course certificates (finished the last one last night!), and then she can send a draft to our counselor in Colorado for review.  There may be some China-specific things that she wants in the homestudy, but they should be pretty minor.
We still need to complete the medical issues form and gather the pictures for our dossier.  Here are a few more options, although I'm not sure about these.

 This one is our Valentine's dinner--it's a nice family moment, but the looks on Luke and Katie's face are a little spacey. 

Again, I like this one since it shows us outside playing, but it's probably too far away.  I'll probably try to get one of Katie on her bike with David.  

We already have one of us reading, but I like this one with Grandma.  After all, our daughter is joining a pretty big family!  Plus, I love Katie's hair up like this. 

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