Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dossier and Homestudy Update

Back to the more prosaic things in life:  paperwork! interviews!  Yesterday we mailed off all our sensitive documents for our dossier.  We're just missing a few things now--some pictures of our family and house, our training certificates, and the medical special needs list (of course).  I wanted to send the bulk off before our home study is done in case there are any issues with the documents.  My stack of adoption papers is much smaller now!  I also spoke with our counselor at the adoption agency in CO, and I feel a little more informed about the medical list and how they'll use it.  It sounds like the factor that will contribute most to our wait is the age difference.  I think I mentioned that most children aren't available to match until they are at least a year old, so to maintain a year between Luke and our daughter, we probably won't even have referrals to consider until October. 
I also had my personal interview yesterday with our social worker.  It's a little strange to talk about such private details of your life with someone you just met a few weeks ago, but I know part of her job is to address any issues that might cause problems with the adoption or make things more challenging for us once she's home.  She's definitely evaluating us, but we see her more as teaching, guiding, and coaching us through the expected challenges that come with adoption.
We have one more interview this weekend for the home study--David will do his personal interview, and then we talk with her about parenting, discipline, and the kids.  We just received David's child abuse clearance from Indiana, so that might be all the paperwork for the home study.  Too bad we've lived in so many states!  Not that it really matters--like I said, it's probably going to be a long wait before we get any referrals.

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