Monday, April 8, 2013

Post-Home Visit

I opened this draft up last night to begin writing, and then realized I was kidding myself.  The latest manifestation of my cold is a blocked Eustachian tube, and it was pretty painful last night.  I tried a neti pot, hot shower, steam bowl, decongestant, warm washcloth, earwax removal treatment, went running (David's suggestion), and even ate some hummus generously laced with buffalo sauce.  Nothing seemed to work, but thankfully the pain subsided enough for me to fall asleep.  It's still blocked this morning (it feels/sounds like I'm underwater), but it's not painful at all.

Our first home visit went great!  My hero husband set aside all his Saturday projects and cleaned the whole house yesterday.  I didn't get as much tidying done as I'd hoped, but I don't think she noticed.

Our case worker (social worker? agency worker?) started by asking some biographical questions about our siblings and parents, then moved on to why we are adopting from China.  We went through how we met, got married, where we lived, what we thought of each other, what our typical week was like, what we thought about our jobs, and a few things from our childhood.  We did write out a long self-assessment that went over a lot of similar questions, but I think she has some specific things that she's supposed to cover in a home study for China.  She also look at the house and checked a number of things that are on the state requirements list.  As far as I know, we passed everything in that regard, but if not, she'll let us know so we can fix it for the next visit.  We have one more individual interview each, then one more joint one...I think the most exciting thing was that she hoped to finish the home study by the end of the month. 

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