Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Biding Time

Although I don't cling to my plans as much as I used to, I still make them.  Along with that, I find myself marking time by various things.  For example, when I was in high school, I took french.  I planned to do a semester abroad in France when I was a sophomore in college, so that was a six year plan...six years of waiting, but eventually it happened.  I realized as I prepared to leave that the next thing I'd have to wait six years for was probably kids or something crazy like that (ended up being 8 years).  I watched the first Star Wars movie in the theater when I was in high school, several years before I met David, but I thought to myself, "by the time I watch the third Star Wars movie, I could be married!"  And I was.  :)  I found myself doing it when David was deployed with movie releases (I watched a lot of movies when he was gone).  It was nice to reach the point when the movie previews I saw would be released after David got home.
Of course it comes up every once in a while with our adoption.  I was talking about Easter with someone, and we realized that next Easter, we might be celebrating with 3 kids in our home.  And now I've added another, most accidentally...maybe Luke's curls will be back by the time she arrives.  His hair is getting curly like Katie's, and it was most obvious in the back because it was sooo long.  I finally got around to trimming it last night...with the 1/2 inch razor instead of the 1 inch.  I left it longer on top, but that little tail of curls is quite gone from the back of his head. 

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