Saturday, April 6, 2013

Our first home visit

As part of our dossier, we have to do a homestudy.  Basically a local agency gives us all sorts of paperwork to fill out (including 15 pages of questions ranging from childhood to marriage to parenting to adoption).  After the paperwork is all done, a social worker comes to our house to do some interviews and check out our place.  If birth parents had to do all this work to have a baby, there'd be a lot fewer kids in this world.

Our first interview is this Sunday, and while I probably should have asked to be sure, I'm guessing she'll want a tour of the house.  I was all geared up to do a thorough cleaning (starting on Friday)...until I got hit with the nasty, awful viral (of course!) cold of some sort.  I was totally wiped out on Thursday (my fever hit 101.7) and even ended up calling David home early.  Thankfully this Friday was his day off, and I was feeling a little better yesterday, but we haven't made quite as much progress on the house as I'd planned.  Which means she'll probably get a much better picture of the reality that is our house, rather than the scrubbed up version.  It's probably better that way anyway. 

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