Monday, June 17, 2013

A Summer Project Update

At the beginning of May I posted about a few summer projects that I'd like to accomplish.  I guess if you look at the summer as a whole, I'm making good progress.  If you think about how long these tasks would take if I just buckled down and did them...well, whatever.  :)

--Bible Memory Passage book:  I'm almost done with finding and formatting the passages to print in my notebook.  Susan brought hers (which she managed to save before leaving the roost...), so I can check my list against hers and see if I'm missing anything.  I also bought the paper and binder, which is a less easy sounding task when you consider that taking the kids in and out of the car took longer than buying the materials. 

--Manipulatives for Katie:  Ha.  The 'progress' I've made is to bring home my mom's stack of felt from our homeschooling days, but I also finally remembered to buy sticky post-it tabs so I can start making some choices about projects and such for the fall.  

--More organizing:  Success!  I bought a little cubby hole shelf with bins, and that's helped a lot in terms of containing and hiding the mess.  But there's always more.  As the fall approaches, I have dreams of making the guest room closet into a homeschooling closet with everything organized into bins. 

The last big project is the freezer/meals, which probably deserves its own post.  Stay tuned!

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