Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another I-797C!

I can imagine that some people would be very nervous to receive a letter from Homeland Security, but I knew what this one was before I opened it.  We now have an appt at USCIS Albuquerque to get all our biometrics taken! 

I've recently joined a group for other families in the China adoption process, and it's been really fun to share with them too.  I've been learning more about the lingo and all the little steps involved in the process.  The next big step for us will be DTC, or dossier to China.  I'll be checking in with our counselor on Monday to see where we stand with the Chinese Consulate.  That process seems to be concurrent with, but not related to, our immigration stuff, but it all has to be done before we can send things off to China.

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