Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Not That Complicated

When it comes to breakfast toppings, apparently I'm complicated.  To me, it makes perfect sense, but I think other people are somewhat bewildered by the following rundown:

0.  Butter, of course, is a non-negotiable.  If you're going to have nice white carbs for breakfast with more white carbs on top, add a healthy dose of animal fat. 

1.  Pancakes = Granulated sugar.  Before you wrinkle your brow, consider that pancake syrup is pretty much sugar with water added to it.  Since the butter kind of soaks into the pancake, the granulated sugar sits on top and adds a nice textural crunch.  If you're feeling special, you can try coarse sanding sugar or turbinado sugar.

2.  Waffles = Syrup.  The little boxes contain the syrup so it doesn't spread all over your plate, and you get a nice dose with each bite.  I prefer Lyle's Golden Syrup rather than pancake or maple syrup.  For an extra dose of decadence, top with whipped cream.

3.  French Toast = Powdered Sugar.  Basically, I like icing on my french toast.  Because the custard tends to form a relative shield against the butter soaking into the bread, if you put the butter on while it's hot and then add the powdered sugar, it all mixes together and tada, icing. 

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