Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Running

You may remember my somewhat facetious post about running with a jogging stroller.  Although I could go running at night now that it's summer, I still prefer getting it over in the morning.  I get a whole two days to enjoy marking it off my list, instead of dreading it all day and wondering if I'll have enough energy after supper.  Running with the kids has also been a better workout--I think I've lost a few pounds since I started doing three miles with them.  It helps that I've changed my route a little.  I was doing a loop that included a rather steep hill two times, but facing that hill twice was pretty daunting.  Now I head up the street for my second mile, which means my return trip is almost all down hill.  The only downside I've really noticed is that I tend to get stitches in my side more often with the stroller, but it's not too bad.  Finally, I think it's good for the kids to see that staying healthy is a priority, and it's nice to get them outside, even if they're in the stroller. 

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