Thursday, January 30, 2014

Art5 and Some Blog Changes

We got our Article 5 as scheduled, so our TA wait has officially begun...just in time for Chinese New Year!  I think our wait is paused starting January 31 (now, given the time change) and will restart again on February 10.  Although we have an idea of when we'd like to travel, we're really not sure how things will go for the TA.

As we get closer to travel, we've decided not to to share with the internet when our house will be (sort-of) empty.  It won't really be empty (my brother and sister are here to take care of it), but we don't want to come home to a burglarized house either.  So starting next week, the blog will be locked to private readers.  I'll need to add your email address to the list, so feel free to contact me through FB or email.

If you don't want to bother with that, I will open the blog back up once we return home--you can get caught up then too.

Thanks for following along in our journey.  It's hard to believe we're getting so close!

Edit:  It looks like I'll need your email, and then you'll just login

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