Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Article 5 Next Week!

We found out today that our Article 5 has been submitted and will be picked up on January 30!  Of course, that will be right in time for Chinese New Year to hit, but our target date of March 10 is looking better and better.

My toe was still bothering me a lot this weekend, but today has been surprisingly pain-free.  I'm excited to start on a few projects on my plate:

--The packing list:  I love lists, but after traveling back and forth to the Midwest 8-10 times, I don't usually make them for traveling any more.  Packing for this trip, on the other hand, will be completely scripted!

--Complete our medical checks:  David and I visited the travel doctor last week, but we still need to speak with our pediatrician to see what we might need for Elizabeth while we're there.

--A little more de-cluttering:  A de-cluttered home means less cleaning and fewer things to put away once Elizabeth is here.  We have also read that having a ton of things around (toys, etc.) can contribute to sensory overload for her.  I've brought a carload to the Albuquerque Rescue Mission (mostly baby clothes and other things), but I think I can get another carload if I try.  There is a mother's sale in April that I may try to hit as well, especially if Elizabeth is in 12 or 18 month clothes.

--The freezer:  I organized it, but now I need to work on filling it with a nice mix of freezer-to-oven, freezer-to-fridge, and freezer-to-microwave meals.  A nice of mix of meal types would be great too.

--Gifts:  We will have the opportunity to give gifts to various people in China.  It's mostly the thought that counts, so Balloon Fiesta postcards and pins will probably be sufficient for most.  I will probably try to knit some little gifts as well, especially for the foster family who is caring for Elizabeth.

--Knitting:  I still have some personal knitting to mark of my list from Christmas.  I'm hesitant to knit too much for Elizabeth, not knowing what size she is.  But a little poncho would probably be very helpful while we are there.  :)  And there is always the shop to try and stock.

I went through all of Katie's clothes yesterday--so many memories.  I can't wait to see Elizabeth in them!

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