Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Christmas Roundup

I'm late in writing another post.  Each day I've waited till the mail came, hoping my next post would be headlined with "I-800 Approval!"  And since our mail arrives around 4:30-5ish, I haven't sat down to write an evening post headlined with something else.

This past Christmas was the first time we drove out to see our families.  My family is in central Illinois, and David's is from Kentucky, so we did a very long loop around to see everyone.  It was about 20 hours over two days, then 6 hours from KY to IL, then another 18 hours over two days back.

I've always liked driving, and the only real complication was that both Luke and I were sick on the way out.  We didn't run into any accidents or weather, and the kids usually lasted at least a couple hours before needing a break.  It really only adds a day to our trip on both sides, since it really takes a full day to fly, then drive to the family.

Christmas is always a wonderful time, but I'm especially grateful that we had a chance to see everyone in both families.  At this point, it's a little chancy trying to coordinate everyone's schedules, especially now that we're even more spread out.  We probably won't be able to travel this summer--Elizabeth may still be adjusting, and we both have BIG families.  Even if the travel was okay, it might be a little overwhelming to be in a house with 15-20 people.  :)

Time to get back to knitting--I've had several requests for adult striped fingerless gloves, so I'm working up a pattern for those.  If you see another post today, you'll know it has good news!

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