Thursday, January 9, 2014

More Pictures!


Now I really want that I-800!  (Edit:  Our agency has the I-800!  Ours should arrive later today)

We found out that she is gaining more weight (although sometimes they weigh the kids in their clothes...which would probably add a few pounds to Elizabeth!).  She is not walking yet, but she is able to stand and walk around with a little walker.  It would be so fun to see her first steps.  There is a possibility she'll be potty trained...just in time for the most massive change of her life.  Probably would expect a little regression at that point.  :)  She's also in foster care now!  Here is one of her favorite foods--preserved Chinese haw cakes:

Several people have asked how they could pray, so I thought this might be a good time for a list.

Praises:  Elizabeth sounds pretty healthy and happy in her foster family, and we are so much farther than we expected at this point!


1.  Of course, we'd love to bring Elizabeth home as soon as possible.  You can pray for a smooth ride to our TA (still about 4 hoops to jump through).

2.  Pray for Elizabeth's transition to our home.  I can't imagine how confusing and frightening it would be to leave everything you know for a totally new place filled with strangers.

3.  Pray for our travel--that it would be inexpensive, without issue, and illness-free.  :)

4.  Pray for Katie and Luke as they adjust to having a little sister with a lot of needs.  Luke has been a bit clingy over the last few months, so I hope it won't be too rough on him.

5.  And there's us too--that David and I will weather all these changes with grace and patience.

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