Saturday, January 25, 2014

Marking things off

We did it! (we did it, we did it, hooray!  Guess what my kids watch when they are sick...)

We are now the owners of a very gold Honda Odyssey.  I'm sure the color will grow on me, and it fit perfectly into our budget/mileage/age requirements.  Overall, the car buying experience was pretty good--definitely our best yet.  The van is pretty big compared to our little Subaru Forester, and I'm going to have to get used to turning in my mirror so I don't knock it off while driving in and out of the garage.

We are playing with some different seating options in the van.  Our awesome car seats are rear-facing up to 45 lbs, so both Katie and Luke are still oriented that way.  We'll get the same one for Liz, so we could potentially have all three rear-facing for a while.  Right now we have Katie and Luke in the two captain chairs, but we'll probably move Katie to the back seat once Liz arrives.  If the rear-facing is too much trouble for Katie when she's all the way back in the third row, we'll probably (finally) move her around.

I've also made some significant progress on our freezer--yesterday was the first day that my toe didn't bother me at all, and I'm enjoying the freedom of just doing what I want to do.  Yesterday, that involved finishing up all the cooked turkey in my fridge (soup and chili), and today I'm making lots of ham and bean soup.  I still have ingredients for several more chopped cooked turkey/chicken recipes, so I'm toying with getting another turkey out of the freezer.  David wants to know if we're preparing for a new child or the apocalypse.

It's nice to look at next week and be free to plan lots of on-my-feet activities.  A few more little things to add to my list--making gift bags for various occasions in China (Valentine's is a great time for that with all the red options), getting ready to do our taxes, and planning for a special little someone to turn 4!

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