Thursday, January 16, 2014


We've...well, I've been waiting all week for an email saying our Article 5 paperwork has been dropped off at the US Consulate.  I guess our visa paperwork went through so quickly, they didn't have our US Immigration paperwork (the hard copies) in China yet.  No email yet, so I don't think we'll get our Article 5 before Chinese New Year.  David keeps reminding me that a day here or there won't make a difference in the long run, and I feel like I've been calmer about these steps.  The process is pretty much out of our hands now until we receive travel authorization, so there's not much point in stressing about it.  It is much easier to feel excited, though!

This week has been a little frustrating, although not because of the adoption stuff at all.  I had a procedure done on my toe last October, and it had to be repeated when we got back from Christmas.  It has a recovery time of about three weeks, but of course, that's dependent on many how quickly you try to get back onto your feet.  :P  Every time I think about all the things I want to get done before Elizabeth comes, I have to this worth potentially stretching my recovery time out?  Would it really add time to my recovery if I did get up?  So I've done some things (like organize the freezer!) but not as much as I'd hoped at this point.

It sounds nice to just laze on the couch all day, but when you're staring at a messy kitchen/dining room/living room and mentally going through your adoption to-do list, it's not as much fun.  Plus, it's hard to exercise (of course), which is great timing right after the holidays.  Another thing to figure out, since I don't think I can go running with three kiddos.  :)

But I'm trying to view this as a good time to rest and hang out with the kids before our life gets crazy.  I've also been doing some knitting--it never ceases to amaze me that people buy the things I've made.  I remind myself that I'll have plenty of time to do things before she comes...although that time is ticking away, day by day!!

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